Our activities are focused around the five thematic areas: Peace and Reconciliation, Social and Economic Justice, Protect and Restore the Environment, Interfaith Dialogue and Realize the Rights of Children.


Peace and Reconciliation
Convoy for Peace
OneVoice Movement
World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace
Joint Peace Statement with Prince Hassan bin Talal

Social and Economic Justice
MDG Ambassador
Council of Conscience
Human Rights Defenders Tulip Awards Jury
Statement of Faith in Human Rights
Club of Budapest
Rabbis for Human Rights

Protect and Restore the Environment
Earth Charter Commissioner
Interfaith Climate Summit
Green Cross Netherlands

Interfaith Dialogue
Faith and Leadership: Training for Religious Leaders
Internationalize the Inter-Spiritual Ceremony Preceding the Opening of Parliament
Community of Islam and the West Dialogue Group (C-100)

Realize the Rights of Children
Day of Respect
Hope for Children Fund

Additional Activities

The Soetendorp Institute


Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values
Van Wijngaerdenstraat 21
2596 TW The Hague
The Netherlands