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feather projectWhat does it take to create a better future for the human family and all life on this planet? We need to combine the visions of the young, the wisdom of the elders, and practical actions to tackle the major world problems humanity is facing. We believe that in this combination lies a key to unlock the boundless sources of compassion, imagination, and creativity that are so much needed in our troubled times.

The Feather Project brings these elements together. It is based on the Native American ceremony of the "talking feather" where an Eagle's feather is passed from speaker to speaker, while the person holding the feather is requested to share his deepest thoughts and speak from the heart. The Feather Project is building on this ceremony and seeks to perform it with spiritual leaders and young people as a beautiful way of enhancing intergenerational dialogue by sharing authentic stories, life lessons, and visions for the future – at conferences, in classrooms and over the internet.

For its multimedia component the Soetendorp Institute partnered with the talented cinematographer Ashley Young and her SomeDayFire Productions who has, since June 2010, created over 100 short and inspiring video clips on the visions for the future, spiritual wisdom, and important international processes such as the lead-up to the major UN Rio + 20 Summit on Sustainable Development. Please find these videos here.

Join the Feather Project! Please draw inspiration from our video clips, follow us on facebook and use the feather methodology in your conference, classroom or workshop! Please contact Feather Project Manager Michael Slaby for assistance and more information (mslaby AT

Please watch the Feather Project Trailer here:

feather_projectThe Feather Project initiated by Rabbi Soetendorp and the Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values has launched its fan page on Facebook.

Take a look at the site and join the Feather Project Online Community to receive action alerts and be informed about inspiring video clips that bring...

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After several months of intense preparation, the Soetendorp Institute officially launched the Feather Project at the Earth Chartpeacepalaceer + 10 Conference that took place in the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands on June 29.

At 18:15 CET, the Feather Film Trailer was screened in front of an...

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At the Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia, Michael Slaby was interviewed about the Feather Project that the Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values intends to realize in 2010. The project that was suggested by Chief Oren Lyons, Faith Keeper of...

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sri_sri_ravi_shankar_and_swami_maheshwarananda_smallIt is time to add a new chapter to the Feather Project – the Feather Project’s tour to India! For two weeks (from 24 October - 5 November) Rabbi Soetendorp, Michael Slaby and Ashley Young traveled through India to record Feather messages of moral and spiritual leaders, young activists and...

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handingfeatherThe Feather Project is a collaborative effort to build intergenerational dialogue and collaboration between elders and youth on the major global challenges humanity is facing. Learn more about the Feather Project on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also feel invited to make use of the Feather...

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