logoRabbi Soetendorp joined the world famous scholar and TED-price winner Karen Armstrong in an international effort of crafting the Charter for Compassion. Drafts of the Charter are currently being reviewed by a council of religious leaders and thinkers from diverse traditions. The final version is to be launched in a series of simultaneous events to be held on the 12th of November, 2009. Rabbi Soetendorp's suggestion of calling this council of leaders the Council of Conscience was adopted by Karen Armstrong and her team. For many years, Rabbi Soetendorp had the dream of bringing together spiritual and moral leaders that would give moral guidance on the global challenges and emergencies of our time: A Council of Conscience endowed with moral authority that would work along-side the United Nations Security Council endowed with political authority. Through the Charter of Compassion, this dream moves closer to fruition. Please find more information about the Charter and ways to get involved at http://charterforcompassion.com

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