handingfeatherThe Feather Project is a collaborative effort to build intergenerational dialogue and collaboration between elders and youth on the major global challenges humanity is facing. Learn more about the Feather Project on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Also feel invited to make use of the Feather ceremony as a means of encouraging intergenerational dialogue in conferences, workshops or other events. Please notice that the Eagle is an endangered species, so please make sure that all feathers used are legally traded. The Turkey feather is considered the "legal Eagle feather" so we recommend that you use these feathers in your ceremony.

The intergenerational sharing of lessons and dreams can also work very well to bring together elders with their grand children in deep and meaningful dialogues about what matters to them. So please feel encouraged to facilitate such dialogues and share with us some impressions on video or in writing.

For more info, contact Michael Slaby at mslaby AT soetendorp.org

Let us be creative and tap into this immense resource of human imagination and wisdom to conceive and create a better future for all life on this planet!

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