Some weeks show a glimpse of the cosmic order, a coherence that so often eludes us. This week was one of those, with major events that have no apparent link between them, but somehow seamlessly connect nevertheless.

Yesterday, I attended the ceremony of the Human Rights Defenders Tulip, an award for...

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Rwanda 6 April 1994

Fifteen years ago today, I stood in our kitchen listening to the radio and heard that the presidents of both Rwanda and Burundi were killed in a plane crash. I banged my fists against the wall and screamed a curse. I knew this incident would unleash a bloodbath. Concerned...

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In June 2007, HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan and Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp adopted the following joint statement for peace in the Middle East that suggests the creation of dialogue centers for reconciliation and healing where Jews and Muslims can come together to exchange their...

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The Soetendorp Institute


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