The Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution presented its Peacebuilders Award 2005 to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp for their tireless work in bridging the gap between the Abrahamic Faiths. The Award Ceremony was held in Washington DC in April 2005. The event symbolically took place on the 100th anniversary of Norway and Sweden's peaceful separation, but it also honored the bloodless "Velvet Divorce" in which the former Czechoslovakia peacefully dissolved into the Czech and Slovac Republics. The event was co-sponsored by all four embassies and featured speeches from the Abassadors of all of these countries. 

Rabbi Soetendorp closed his message to the Ambassadors by saying: "Let us celebrate that reason and friendship, and reason and trust have entered into people who were adversaries and that we are part of this hope, and will jubliate and thank God."

Download the AICPReport Vol. 3, June 2005, that covers the award ceremony.

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